“Electronics is clearly the winner of the day.”

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“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: Cash & Experience. Take the Experience first, the Cash will come later.”
– Harold Geneen

We Have 25 Years Experience of Electronics and Consulting in ABOM OPC Pvt Ltd.

AB Offshore Management are direct facilitator that monetizes or purchase  Electrical Instruments as a subsidiary with their investors in LONDON, HK, CHINA and many more countries.

AB Offshore Management stands out for being the pioneer in promoting quality products, one of its kind in the history of retail management.


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ABOM OPC Pvt Ltd offers a range of different Consultations to assist clients to plan and execute the best strategies to help them safely and effectively achieve their long term goals.

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A consultation with ABOM OPC Pvt Ltd will arm you with a whole arsenal of financial options and tools you probably did not know previously existed. We can give you creative solutions that have successfully worked for other clients and businesses and help you develop a solid secure plan to chart your way forward.

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AB Offshore Management is Europe’s largest independent distributor, the world’s N°1  independent facilitator, the world’s N°1 pure sourcing distributor, the world’s N°4 global broker AB Offshore Management is approved/shortlisted/preferred by 18 of the 20 largest buyers of semi-conductors in the world Specialized in solutions for the world’s largest OEMs and CEMs in case of: shortage, excess inventory, obsolete or end-of-life parts, second source requirements, price opportunities Sourcing pure player ( not franchised or stocking distributor ) Makes maximum use of technology (integrated proprietary Marketplace rated n°1 by Gartner)