AB Offshore Management stands out for being the pioneer in promoting quality products, one of its kind in the history of retail management. AB Offshore Management Appliances also boasts of being a unique company for housing a massive range of products in categories Home Appliances, Entertainment, Personal Gadgets, Kitchen Appliances and Beauty and Grooming. Get to select from premium brands in TV, Washing Machine, Air-Conditioner, Microwave, Cooler, Cameras and a whole lot more.

Electronic Components

♦  TTL
♦  C-MOS
♦  `A to D’ / `D to A’ Converters
♦  Microprocessors
♦  Opto Couplers
♦  Microcontrollers
♦  Darlington Transistor
♦  N/P Channel FET


♦  Multiturn Trimpots
♦  Tenturn Helical Potentiometers
♦  360 Degree Servo Potentiometers
♦  Singleturn Cermet Pots ( Horizontal/Vertical )
♦  Wirewound Potentiometers
♦  Carbon Linear Potentiometers
♦  Dial for Helipots


♦  200A – 6000A
♦  800V – 10000V
♦  Phase Control Thyristors
♦  G.T.O. Thyristors
♦  Fast thyristors
♦  Rectifier Diodes
♦  Fast Diodes